Newsletter - January 2023

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Learning Log Examples

It is that time of year, when dieitians update their Continuing Competency Program learning logs for their license renewal.  Below are examples of learning log entries related to topics in this newsletter, and to dietetic practice.

Goal:  To enhance my understanding of person-centred language

Learning activity:  Internet search for “person-centred language” {list reputable sites you found useful}.

Outcome on practice:  I frequently see clients who have mental illness. The language I choose to use can impact how they feel respected and supported and can effect how they trust me as their dietitian. Without realizing, I used language that has become "normal” in society but could be offensive to my clients.  I will review my client resources to ensure that I use person-centred language and be conscious of my choice of language.  

Goal:  To enhance my skills as a preceptor, specifically with regards to teaching strategies.  

Learning activity: Completed Dietitians of Canada’s Learning on Demand course: Preceptor Education eLearning Course for Dietitians

Outcome on practice:  I have learned that I can be a more effective preceptor if I understand students' learning styles and adapt my communication and teaching approach to reflect learning styles.