Newsletter - January 2023

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Engagement and Consultation Framework

At the 2022 AGM, a motion was passed that advised NSDA’s board of directors to consider and address the content of this motion at upcoming Board meetings.


“NSDA, soon to be NS college, work with educators to develop policies and procedures that specifically outline how the NS regulator will collaborate with educators and other key stakeholders to address any and all issues related to dietetic education, for the by-laws of the regulatory body to reflect this policy (ies), and for a progress report to be shared at the 2023 AGM.”

What has been done to date?

To address the motion, the Board reviewed its current tools and has begun to explore new tools that can inform how they work with interested parties. For example, the board is reviewing the collaboration continuum, IAP2 framework and a mapping matrix.

The NSDA board uses its decision-making framework to systematically work though and document how decisions are made. It is routinely used and was used to make its recent decision related to the accreditation of dietetic education programs. 

When using the framework, the board identifies those individuals and groups who may be impacted by the decision and considers their perspectives and interests. The nature of the decision will influence the extent to which another party’s input influences the decision. A regulatory body’s paramount objective is to act in the public interest to promote safe, ethical and competent practice.  There may be issues related to the public interest that do not fall within a regulatory body’s mandate, for example, advocacy for insurance coverage for dietitians’ services.  

The motion was made in relation to NSDA’s decision to recognize EQUal (a subsidiary of Accreditation Canada) as the accreditor of education programs. Provincial colleges have a collective legislated duty to approve education programs that prepare students to enter a regulated profession. This aligns with a college’s mandate:  to approve education programs and to ensure that those who enter the dietetic profession have the knowledge, skills and judgment to practice safely, ethically and competently.  

The Board will provide anpther update at the AGM.