Newsletter - January 2023

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College Update

College proclamation is imminent.  Upon Cabinet’s approval of regulations, the Department of Health and Wellness will provide us with notice of college proclamation. We will communicate with you about immediate requirements. 

If the College Act is proclaimed before renewal:

  • evidence of professional liability insurance will be required with your renewal application
  • upon renewal, you will be asked to declare that you have engaged in the practice of dietetics within the past 24 months

Professional Liability Insurance

Upon proclamation, every dietitian with an active practice license must have professional liability insurance coverage. The minimum requirement is $5 million per claim. Legal expense endorsement coverage is strongly recommended. This endorsement covers your legal expenses should the College receive a complaint about your practice.

Many employers carry insurance that covers their employees while they are working for that organization. Your employer’s insurance does not cover any services you provide as a volunteer or outside your employment practice setting. Professional liability insurance provided by an employer is only acceptable coverage for dietitians within that employer’s workplace. Dietitians who practice in more than one workplace must carry professional liability insurance for each place of employment.

Dietitians should consider the risk in their practice and decide whether they wish to purchase legal expense reimbursement coverage and professional liability insurance in addition to the insurance provided by their employer(s). For example, dietitians who provide direct client care would be at a higher risk of a public complaint than a dietitian employed in an administrative role. Dietitians who volunteer or practice independently, must purchase professional liability insurance. Dietitians of Canada (DC) members can purchase insurance through DC.  There is also the option to purchase professional liability insurance through Trisura (HUB). Closer to proclamation, there will be further communication about when and how to provide evidence of liability insurance to the College.

Eligibility for an Active Practice License Upon College Proclamation

Upon proclamation, a dietitian’s full license seamlessly transitions to an active practising license if they have engaged in the practice of dietetics in the previous 24 months. There is not a specific hour requirement for an initial license. Dietitians are eligible for this license for a period of one year following proclamation of the College Act. Those who passed the CDRE in the three years immediately before proclamation of the College Act are eligible for the active practice license despite whether they have practiced.

If you have not practiced dietetics (paid or unpaid) within the twenty-four months preceding proclamation, your name will be on the non-active roster. To return to practice, you would apply for an active-practice license by applying for reinstatement. The Registration Committee would assess your application and upgrading may be required. Alternatively, a condition (e.g. mentorship) or restriction (e.g. limit to a specific practice area) may be placed on your license.