Newsletter - January 2023

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Changes to Jurisprudence e-Learning Module

Early in December, a new e-Learning Module was launched on a new platform.  The e-Learning Module consists of an online quiz (12 questions). Completion will be due annually. Previously, the Module consisted of 90 questions, required a 100% pass mark, and it was due to be completed every five years.

NSDA’s new database platform links the Module directly to dietitians’ online profiles (accessed through Membership Renewal on the NSDA website).  Moving forward, you will be able to access the Module from your online profile by accessing Continuing Education/eLearning.

Summary of Changes:

Completion of the Module will be due every year instead of every 5 years. Temporary members who successfully completed the November 2022 sitting of the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination are due to complete the Module by the 2024 renewal deadline. Dietitians who became licensed with NSDA after December 1 are not due to complete the e-Module until Renewal 2024.  

The Module will consist of 12 questions and the estimated time to complete the module is 30-60 minutes.

Successful completion will be based on an 80% pass mark.

Completion is required before the 2023 renewal application is processed.

The Module supports dietitians to maintain a current understanding of the regulatory, provincial, and federal requirements related to dietetic practice.  It is an online ‘open-book’ quiz and is a mandatory component of the Continuing Competency Program. The annual completion of the Module will enable NSDA to focus the learning module on different topics for earlier access to information. For example, when the revised Code of Ethics is published, a module would pertain to that content. 

Appreciation is extended to working group members for their time and thoughtful input into the revision of this year’s Module. 

Questions are welcome and can be addressed to NSDA’s Practice Advisor, Amanda Connors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.