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 Protected Titles & Terms

Those not licensed with NSCDN are not authorized to use the designations: dietitian, registered dietitian, nutritionist, professional nutritionist, professional dietitian, R.D., R.D.N., P.Dt. or any derivation, translation, or abbreviation of those designations. Under section 21(2) of the Dietitians Act (2009), only those licensed with the college can refer to their practice activities using the terms dietetics, nutrition therapy or diet therapy.

NSCDN serves and protects the public interest by protecting professional titles and specific terms. The protection of titles and terms enables the public to understand that those who use such titles have specific credentials, education, training, and continued competence approved by a regulatory body and are accountable to practice to standards.

If someone uses a protected title but does not hold an active-practice license, they will be contacted and advised to cease using the title. If they have the qualifications for registration, they will be advised to apply for a license to practice.


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